Traineeships are an integrated education and training programme with real work experience, focusing on giving young people the specific skills that they will need and that you will be looking for in your future employees.

What is a Traineeship?

The Traineeship Programme is designed to help 19-24-year-olds into careers. We believe that a collaborative approach from employers, providers and partners that will have huge impact on business and the wider economy.

A Traineeship consists of four key elements; three are core and one is flexible. These are:

Work Preparation Training

This element of the traineeship will teach the trainee employability skills.

Workshops will focus on:

  • Creative CV Writing
  • Interview skills and preparation
  • Navigating the job market
  • Workplace health and safety

A High Quality Work Placement

The Traineeship programme will consist of a work placement to give the trainee the opportunity to get the taste of a real life workplace. The placement will be for a minimum of 70 hours.

The work placement will be followed up with a guaranteed job interview with a variety of progression routes.

Maths, English and Digital Skills

When a learner does not hold a grade 4-9 or A*-C in Maths, English or Digital Skills, we will support them in achieving these qualifications.

A Flexible Element

Every traineeship programme also comes with a flexible element. We will use this to tailor the programme to the specific industry and employer that we are working with.

This will allow the trainee to leave with specialised knowledge in their desired industry/job role.

How is a Traineeship funded?


At the B-Skill Traineeship Academy, the funding for traineeship programmes comes from the Adult Education Budget. There are three different aspects to this funding:

  1. Single Work-Placement and Work-Preparation Rate. In this instance, the funding is based on the cost of work placements (involving employers, establishing placements, monitor and mentor visits, supporting exit interviews) and typical delivery of work placement and work preparation aims.
  2. GCSE Maths and English (if required) or other qualifications to supports progress towards
  3. GCSE Maths and English at Grace C and above Flexible Element – Designed to help the learner move into work or remove any barriers that may be preventing them entering into work.

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