Apprenticeships are designed to develop the skills and experience needed to succeed in a job role and B-Skill can help you to employ an apprentice. Whether it is a young person taking the first steps into a career or an existing employee eager to develop their skills and knowledge further, Apprenticeships should be positively embraced by employers to achieve their business growth aims.



The range of training levels available, equivalent to GCSE’s up to Master’s level.

£3.70 an hour

The current apprenticeship minimum wage, although most employers pay more.


The maximum government funding available to train apprentices per standard.

12 months to 4 years

The time it takes to complete an apprenticeship.


30 hours per week

Usually the minimum hours an apprentice must work.


When the new apprenticeship system will be fully implemented.

The Apprenticeship Reform

The Apprenticeship reform is set out to deliver benefits for individuals, businesses and the economy with the aim to address the skills shortages and ensure that there is significant growth in higher quality apprenticeships that provide solutions for the employers workforce and business challenges.

B-Skill Global Excellence

B-Skill are committed to embracing these changes and remain an innovative, reliable and successful training provider. Becoming a B-Skill Employer Partner may entitle you to subsidised training and reduced costs when employing  any new Apprentices… Some training may even be free-of-charge!

Employers will feel full ownership of apprenticeships, designing and owning the content of all apprenticeship standards and assessments.


Hiring an Apprentice or upskilling pre-existing members of staff through Apprenticeships is a great way to build a talented work-force, increase productivity and profitability, and improve your corporate image.

B-Skill believe in Global Excellence and can provide your business with a tangible boost to help you stay ahead of the game in challenging times.

These benefits include:

A free professional vacancy matching service

Working to your own job specification B-Skill’s IPD qualified staff will find the most appropriate match to employ an apprentice for you to fill your vacancy. We take great care to match the candidate’s attitude and ability to your needs to ensure you get the best outcomes for your business. There is no charge for this service to give an immediate bottom line advantage compared to traditional recruitment methods.

Positive cultural impact

We take great care in the selection process and provide reliable support in the workplace. B-Skill young apprentices are highly motivated and their enthusiasm can be infectious with a beneficial impact on both colleagues and workplace.

New skills and methods of working

Not only do B-Skill apprentices undertake vocational training but we also address maths, English, and employment responsibilities. This ensures your apprentice will acquire the work -related knowledge and skills they need whilst becoming a well-rounded employee. A successfully chosen Apprentice can contribute significantly to your aspirations and plans to develop for your business as a whole.

Financial Incentives

B-Skill is approved by the Skills Funding Agency and authorised to pay a financial incentive to eligible organisations employing a young B-Skill Apprentice. Most of our employers hiring a young apprentice are eligible for this grant (the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers)

Fully Funded Training

B-Skill is a government funded and approved training provider which means all our apprentices who are enrolled before their 19th birthday receive full funding for their entire training programme. This means that eligible organisations not only receive the £1500 grant but also completely free training for 16-18 Apprentices plus a free expert recruitment service.

Effective delivery with minimum disruption of normal work activity

B-Skill expert trainers will carefully plan the delivery of Apprenticeships together with the learner and employers. We want to make sure the most effective method is in place to deliver the training without taking too much time away from the learner’s everyday job role. Time away from the work-place is not always required, we will check this depending on the apprentice, the qualification and the facilities available.

Employers will be the main advocates of apprenticeships among their partners, peers and supply chain.

Our Delivery Model

The B-Skill Delivery Model can be tailored to suit your business and learning needs. Programmes are delivered over a one to four year period, depending on the specific programme content, level and learner needs.

Once a learner (Apprentices or an existing employee) is enrolled, our sector specialist trainers will meet with them to complete an introduction to the programme and discuss the content. We will deliver the programme on your premises, eliminating the need to attend college or night classes. Our trainers will build rapport with the learner and aim to understand their styles and rates of learning. This enables them to offer the most effective support and learning tools.

Our trainers use various methods of engagement including webchat, email, telephone, social media and of course face to face. They will meet with the leaner periodically at a time that suits you, with additional support offered when required.

If the programme requires exams to be chosen, your B-Skill Account Manager will join the programme trainer to discuss the choices with you at the enrolment stage.

We will provide you with regular performance reviews and data to support your management function. We also offer support to managers and mentors to help them gain a better understanding of the work-based learning and how it works in practice.


Apprenticeships as we know them are undergoing a radical reformation. The government are promoting the importance of having Apprentices as part of your work-force, so it’s important to understand how the new process works. 

B-Skill are here to help you understand the changes. Check out our Employer Guide for an in-depth understanding of understanding and maximising work-based learning programmes.

Will an Apprentice help you to meet your business needs?

It’s important you don’t just hire an Apprentice without a clear vision of how this will help your business. Apprentices are no different to a regular employee in many ways, but it’s important to remember they are working to achieve a framework or standard and rely on your support to develop through the programme, achieve the qualification and succeed in your business.

This investment will have significant benefits for your work-force in the long run, but you need to ensure sustainability is maintained and your reasons are justified.

What are the costs and how can B-Skill help fund them? 

Speak to a member of our team to discuss specific programme costs. We will provide the guidance you need and details of how B-Skill can help with funding.

Here are some questions to consider:

Will an Apprentice and their programme help meet your business needs?

Can you offer the flexibility to support their out-of-hours studying?

Do you have the resources required for the course?

If you feel confident you can deliver the above, finally ask:

Does your company have progression opportunities in your chosen Apprenticeship Standard?

Will your Apprentice be likely to become a fully-fledged team member after completion?

Will your staff who are managing the Apprentice have the appropriate training?

Can you provide pastoral support to your Apprentice?

Is the wage you’re offering competitive and financially viable for the Apprentice?

Can you support and progress your Apprentice?

B-Skill firmly believes that all Apprenticeships should be delivered to the highest possible standard not only to benefit the learner, but also you as an employer. It is our responsibility to make sure the learner thrives from the programme and becomes an asset to your company. It is your responsibility to ensure your working environment does the same…

Our relationships with employers are built on knowledge, trust and a mutual determination for Apprentices to succeed.

We want to determine quality from the get-go. The B-Skill Due Diligence process ensures we are confident you can support and progress your Apprentice before a written contract is signed.

What’s Next?

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