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B-Skill’s ‘Scale Up’ programme aims to tackle the battle that breaks in employment can have on our careers. Whether it is due to redundancy, ill-health, the failure to secure future funding… Whatever the reason, the harsh reality of these unpredictable circumstances is that they can have a great impact on our futures. There’s a common perception that it is easier to find a job when you have one, so B-Skill have introduced the ‘Scale Up’ programme to give those who don’t a better chance at finding employment. The programme delivers higher-level training aimed at unemployed individuals who may have experience in managerial roles, ranging from a Team Leader to a Director and everything in between.  This programme is also suitable for Graduates with little or no work experience.

To deliver the ‘Scale Up’ programme, B-Skill have been working with Gary Bell, Cluster Manager at JCP Sefton. ‘Scale Up’ provides training in areas that will ensure individuals are up-to-date with the current economic climate when it comes to recruitment. They will participate in CV writing workshops,  learn all about self-employment and gain an understanding of the hidden job market. Individuals will also work on their own Career Campaign plan.

It’s hard for anyone to keep up with the current job market, so ‘Scale Up’ explores how things have changed since the individual last applied for a job and will include Interview Preparation and how to prepare for assessments that could be part of the recruitment process. We aim for individuals to feel prepared for what’s to come.

I would like to express my gratitude for my place on this course. The course is amazing for anyone wanting to develop their management skills and personal skills around colleagues and management. The tutor, Sean, has an amazing delivery style and is very personable in his approach as he has been where you are a few years ago. He has a high amount of patience with people and will go out of his way to help you.

The core skills that you learn have helped me to continue my management career and helped me have a further understanding of conflict management and what my management style is. I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone. I met some great people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, some of who I still speak to, who all encourage each other and motivate one another to further themselves and succeed.

Erin, 'Scale Up' Learner

In addition to the ‘Scale Up’ programme, Gary and his team have helped B-Skill organise Recruitment Events for individuals who have completed the programme. The most recent event took place at B-Skill’s centre in Bootle, where we welcomed Employers from a range of industries including recruitment, fast food chains, travel companies and holiday parks. NHS, Civil Service, Connex Education, Crosby & Perrin, Brook Street, Flip Key, Pontins and KFC (1st Rate Investment) were some of the employers who attended the ‘Scale Up’ Recruitment Event. 

The next Scale Up programmes will be starting on Monday 2nd July in Liverpool City Centre and Southport. If you are unemployed and need the help to secure your next job, or maybe you’re a recent Graduate looking to gain your first experience in the workplace, we’re here to help. Email us on to say hello and a member of our team will get back to you.

I was very impressed with the course and the themes discussed within it. Being in a classroom environment and networking with peers, made the learning journey interesting and interactive. Sean Liddell delivered the course in such a way that it was very motivational, encouraged new ways of thinking, and challenged our knowledge & experience. It was pitched in such a way that no-one felt patronised due to the subject matter, but rather felt empowered to take on new challenges and to feel valued. The sharing of knowledge and experiences was valuable, as was the advice given and the support to ensure everyone had the ‘right tools’ to compliment & consolidate their level of knowledge and professional experience.

I would thoroughly recommend this course and am pleased that it is a recognised certificated qualification – it shows future employers that a ‘job seeking candidate’ has been engaged in this classroom learning process, has been challenged to think about new ways of working, has discussed themes & personal work situations with others, and participated in activities to challenge themselves further if they wish.

Thank you very much to Sean for being an inspirational course leader!

My new position is Head of Operations at Key6 Group. They are an Apprenticeship provider working with Levy paying organisations – they are working with Liverpool Football Club as their main client, and my remit is to look after all aspects of their training provision.

Jess, 'Scale Up' Learner

The ‘Scale Up’ programme was brilliant and a real success for me. In our class we had around 10 or 11 people and in just two weeks we had learned new skills, refreshed old ones and learned to sell ourselves.

What surprised me was that Sean, our tutor, got us to open up and communicate with each other, even though we were complete strangers at the start of the course. We talked about our depth of knowledge and what expertise we all had, and most of our future potential.

Sean motivated everyone and in many ways got people to re-programme themselves to feel good again, as most people had gone through a really negative experience when becoming unemployed. I think everyone completed ‘Scale Up’ feeling positive and with a drive to perfect their skills and take ownership of their development, which helps to secure future work.

Whilst on the course, and because of Sean’s advice, I have enrolled into the Open University/Open Learn (Social Marketing). I have also just finished my Management and Leadership course.

Overall, I would say the delivery of the programme was excellent and highlights the urgent need for such courses. Keep up the great work!



Mark, 'Scale Up' Learner

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