Considering doing an Apprenticeship? Check out our Top 5 Reasons to take the plunge!


1. You can earn whilst you learn

Learners are granted the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff who will help with their job role development, whilst earning a wage at the same time.


2. You’ll avoid student loans

A student leaving university will face a large student loan debt which they’ll have to start paying back as soon as they reach a reasonable salary. However, as an Apprentice, the Government covers the entire cost of your training. Therefore, no debt and you’ll earn a wage at the same time!


3. YOU will gain on-the-job work experience

On a day-to-day basis you will spend your time learning ‘on the job’. This ‘on-the-job’ training gives you an insight into the structure and day-to-day duties and expectations of a certain role, this is a great way to give you the knowledge, skills and behaviours to progress within your chosen industry.


4. You will also be given dedicated ‘off-the-job’ training

During your Apprenticeship, you must complete 20% off-the-job training during your normal contracted hours which will involve activities to help improve your skills, knowledge and behaviours towards your Apprenticeship Standard. The 20% off the job training can be completed in various ways such as:

  • Classes Workshops Lectures Webinars
  • Masterclasses
  • Relevant Reading
  • Research
  • Role Playing
  • + More!

This dedicated ‘off-the-job’ training gives you the time to study additional elements which will be useful in the job you are currently doing.


5. You will boost your career prospects and achieve a qualification

With an Apprenticeship, you won’t just gain valuable on-the-job experience, but you’ll also achieve a respectable qualification which will give you something to show for your time as an Apprentice and boost your career prospects.


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