NUS Apprentice Extra

B-skill joins forces with NUS Apprentice Extra

Now you may heard of NUS Extra, often recognised in relation to University students. But as we at B-Skill know very well, Apprenticeships are just as important as other Higher Education options in the UK economy. So when we discovered NUS Apprentice Extra, we were excited to become a member to be able to offer our learners the benefits they deserve. 

Tell Me More…

NUS Apprentice Extra is a discount card full of in-store and online offers, helping your well-earned money stretch even further! The card is your key to discounts in a huge amount of shops, restaurants and even travel. Whether you’re looking for your weekend outfit in Topshop or a spontaneous trip to your favourite UK city, NUS Apprentice Extra just made it even more possible. 

B-Skill Community

B-Skill work with Apprentices across England, and we are delighted to be able to offer NUS Apprentice Extra to every single one of our Apprenticeship learners. 

How do I get my card?

As B-Skill are a registered training provider with NUS, all you need to do is follow these steps:1. Have an Email Address2. Have a recent photo of yourself (or access to a webcam)3. Have your payment ready – It costs £11 as an initial payment to receive your card, after that, most of your purchases just got cheaper!4. Click here to get yours!
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