Nicola Blake, Mobile Fleet Coordinator for CDS, has recently qualified from a Level 3 Team Leader and Supervisor apprenticeship at The B-Skill Apprenticeship Academy.

Now in her 25th year with CDS, Nicola began her career as a Dental Nurse. She is currently responsible for coordinating all five mobile units.

Nicola has managed employees for many years but feels there is always scope to learn and change. She said that the programme helped her reflect on how one is perceived and how different approaches can be used to suit different members of the team.

Nicola said: “I learnt some valuable skills specific to my role that benefited the project we are currently working on, utilising our mobile units 5 days a week. I have been able to gain tips and ideas that we can use within our project plan and how I can best document them and use evidence to produce reports.”

“My message to anyone considering further study would be that whilst it may seem hard to start with, it is worth the perseverance. Believe in yourself.”