National Volunteers’ Week

It’s nice to be nice!

This week is National Volunteer’s Week, celebrated across Britain, to praise the amazing volunteers that work selflessly to help others. Hundreds of events and celebrations have been taking place across the country to say thank you and recognise the invaluable and diverse contribution volunteers’ contribute to the well-being of our country.In light of this, B-Skill would like to take a moment to appreciate the volunteer work of our own staff… 

Barry Wake, Learning & Development Coach

Barry volunteers as a Committee Member for a local Northamptonshire charity, SHINE group. SHINE are a support group for deaf children, their siblings and immediate family where Barry volunteers by contributing to the organisation of monthly group sessions to create fun-filled activities as well as additional support for the SHINE deaf community to enjoy.On the last Saturday of every month, the sessions include craft activities, x-box, support for parents and arranging guest speakers. Barry helps organise day trips and an annual residential trip too… So far they have visited the Harry Potter Studios, with a planned trip to Lego Land for September. Barry’s current project is organising a residential weekend to Whitemore Lakes Action Centre. The trip will allow the deaf children extended time with their peers and to take on the challenge of outdoor pursuits in a safer environment.

Helen Miller,  IQA/Trainer

Helen is a Volunteer Trustee of a Charity Trust based in the East End of Newcastle who provide a social setting for isolated and vulnerable adults. Helen helps organise weekly club’s for the men and women’s, party days and an annual holiday. The holiday gives the charities individuals the opportunity to take a break with the support from the centre staff. 

Lin Hyde, Learning & Development Coach

Lin volunteers with street collections for Marie Curie UK where she spends time in a designated location to collect funds in exchange for the signature daffodil pin badges. Lin volunteers herself to do extra hours whenever they might be short to help maximise the collection.The money raised is used to carry out research on providing better palliative care and resources, as well as nursing care for terminally ill cancer patients. This is a particularly meaningful cause for Lin, who has benefitted from the 24 hour care given to her mother very recently.Lin said:“As a user of the service, I know how valuable the reassurance is by just having someone professional to rely on for advice and support, and to talk about my concerns. I crucially feel that I can sleep knowing that someone is there if anything happens. This service was so important to me and my family in those final days.”The charity relies on the financial support of donations as their sole source of funding. Those few hours Lin spends doing street collections is vital to continuing the incredible and invaluable service from Marie Curie. 

B-Skill are so proud of all the work our members of staff devote to helping others. We look forward to keep hearing your stories!

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