Level 2 Awareness of

mental health problems


 Course Overview

Did you know one in four British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem each year? The most common is mixed anxiety and depression, but there are many other issues which have a huge impact on aperson’s life and the people around them.

There is an increasing demand for everyone, no matter what your profession, to understand each condition fully, including the meaning, causes, effects, symptoms and management of the condition. 

This nationally recognised qualification covers all of these aspects and is the perfect place to start.

Who is suitable?

The qualification is suitable for anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of mental health problems, the factors that cause mental ill-health and the ways that mental health problems can be managed. The course is also suitable for those who already work in this area, anyone who wants to secure a job linked to mental health and anyone who wants to gain more knowledge for personal reasons.

Course content

This course is split into 13 manageable units,understanding:

Uni1Mental health

Uni2: Stress

Uni3: Anxiety

Uni4: Phobias

Uni5: Depression

Uni6Post-natal depression 

Uni7Bipolar disorder 

Uni8: Schizophrenia

Unit 9: Dementia

Unit 10: Eating disorders

Unit 11: ADHD

Unit 12: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)

Unit 13: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Learning Methods

Studying via distance learning means you can choose when and where you study. We ensure you get all the support you need throughout your course from your Personal Tutor.

This fully online course is designed to be engaging and interactive to keep you focused on your learning at all times. The maximum duration of this course is 16 weeks.

The Benefits of this course..

Gain a nationally recognised qualification.

This course is delivered via distance learning, allowing you to choose when and where you study.

Study will enhance both your personal skills and professional development.

Personal Tutors are assigned to you to ensure you have the support needed to succeed.


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