Lifelong learning skills Accredited courses

B-Skill has a range of nationally recognised qualifications delivered through our Lifelong Learning Skills Programme. Each qualification can be completed at your own speed from the comfort of your own home. To find out more please complete our enquiry form or contact | 0333 900 0694

The Lifelong Learning Skill Programmes that B-Skill offer are nationally accredited, online courses. This means that you can learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, develop skills and gain a recognised qualification.

Why learn with B-Skill?

All of our Lifelong Learning Skill Programmes have dedicated online tutors to ensure you have the support needed to succeed.

We offer a wide variety of Lifelong Learning Skill Programmes which can improve your skills to help create a long-standing career pathway in your chosen industry, or you may wish to change current sectors and learn something brand new!