A special congratulations to Dawn Yarham as she has been crowned our learner of the month.

Dawn completed her Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship role last month following an exceptional end point assessment (EPA).

Jenny Stone, Dawns Learning and Development Coach, said that: “During the EPA Dawn presented her knowledge, skills and behaviours very well in a powerpoint presentation. She has now passed and it is time to celebrate her achievement!”

However, Dawn wasn’t just nominated for learner of the month due to her EPA but for the attitude she has shown throughout her apprenticeship.

Sadly, in late 2019 Dawn suffered the loss of a family member and this meant that she was required some time away from work. By February Dawn had returned to work and had such a drive to be successful on her apprenticeship.

Dawn was preparing her own self development plan, learning fast about Culina and beginning to research for her English assessments.

In March, when Covid-19 struck, Dawn maintained this drive and was focussed on her EPA. Her meetings were quickly replaced by video and phone calls. 

Jenny Stone said that: “Dawn was unable to have face to face visits anymore as these were quickly replaced with virtual meetings, sometimes over the mobile phone as there were times when the IT at the site were unable to provide the correct equipment. Despite this Dawn always found a way.”

From the B-Skill team, congratulations Dawn and well done on all your hard work!

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