GDPR: Are you prepared for May 25th?

The UK’s privacy law is going through the biggest overhaul since 1995. That’s 23 years, not a great deal in the grand scheme of things… But if you compare the changes to the internet from then to now, 1995 resembles the dark ages. What does that have to do with GDPR? Well, back then online shopping was a myth and sharing music was a luxury. Now, the internet knows more about us than our relatives, which makes every user more vulnerable and exposed. Companies are having to undergo huge changes to ensure they are GDPR compliant, especially when it comes to online platforms.   The EU claims that GDPR  is designed to “harmonzie data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshare the way organisations across the region approach data privacy”. This means big changes for the public as well as businesses.
As a Training Provider, Safeguarding is one of the most important aspects to the business. We have always handled the information we hold with care and integrity, but the introduction of GDPR means further investigation into ensuring all of our online systems and processes are compliant to the new Data Protection Law. From increasing digital security for all documentation to creating a GDPR working group, our newly designated GDPR officers have ensured every B-Skill employee is taking extra care when handling personal data with a protective and transparent approach.
So, what can you do to prepare for the new regulations? Make sure all members of staff understand GDPR As mentioned before, B-Skill have designated a number of employees as GDPR officers, but that doesn’t mean everyone else can turn a blind eye. Make sure you have encouraged all of your employees to do their research in order to understand the risks to the organisation and individuals.Once an employee has identified the risks, they can understand the significance of the new laws and become aware of how they handle personal data going forward to be GDPR compliant.Data breach can have serious consequences (even if it is unintentional)  – Don’t get caught out. Assign a Data Protection Officer  Having members of staff designated to GDPR means your company will have a support system with the relevant knowledge. This will not only make the change more seamless but will add responsibility to ensure you are GDPR compliant. Update your Privacy and Data policyTransparency is a key word used alongside GDPR. Update your company’s Privacy and Data policies to address:
  • what personal data you are collecting (Name, address details, photographs, etc.)
  • how you are doing it (Directly, online cookies, etc.)
  • why you are collecting it (Company requirements, online transactions, etc.)
It is your responsibility to make sure all third party organisations you are working with are doing their part to be GDPR compliant.For more information, visit the EU GDPR Information Portal
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