distance learning 

motivate your mind with a range of level 2 qualifications
unleash the power of distraction during times of uncertainty and continue to stimulate your professional development

B-Skill have a range of nationally recognised qualifications delivered through a distance learning model. Each qualification can be completed at your own speed (maximum of 6 weeks) from the comfort of your own home.

online learning

The complete qualification will be taught and assessed online



you must be:

Aged 19+

Have lived in EU for 3+ years

Not already enrolled onto an Apprenticeship or other Govt. funded training



choose your speed

We recommend an average of 

3 hours per week over 6 weeks (18hrs in total)

Please note: 6 weeks is the maximum duration

choose any area of study

If you are employed, you don’t need to pick a qualification relevant to your job role


suitable for:





Choose from our top fully-funded

level 2 certificates

principles of team leading

Designed for employees who are looking to take on responsibility for their own team, this qualification will develop their knowledge of the principles of team leading, their understanding of business and enhance communication skills that are suitable for range of stakeholders at different levels..

lean organisation management techniques

This qualification is ideal for employees working in areas to identify improvements in quality, processes and costs. Designed to boost business performance, it will cover lean organisation techniques in business, business improvement tools and techniques and how to work effectively in a business team.

principles of customer service

This qualification will help you gain the underpinning knowledge that is required to work in a range of different environments within a customer service role. The objectives are to enhance abilities in carrying out customer service tasks, such as how to manage information and support events, plus how to apply knowledge to a variety of industries and job roles.

equality & diversity

This qualification will introduce the concepts of equality and diversity in a variety of environments including society, the community, and the workplace. It will highlight how stereotyping and labelling affects individuals, the impact of prejudice and discrimination, allow employees to examine rights and responsibilities, stress the importance of taking responsibility and support others.

safeguarding, prevent & british values

Develop your  knowledge and understanding of the Prevent Duty, British Values, Safeguarding and Online Safety. Employees will learn the effects of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. The aims are to promote equality, diversity and social inclusion in the workplace and to support the Government’s agenda on tackling radicalisation and extremism. This qualification is appropriate for a wide range of job roles and is relevant to the statutory requirements of organisations under the Prevent Duty.

awareness of bullying in children & young people

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of bullying. This qualification will cover the principles of bullying, how to recognise bullying in children and young people, what action is to be taken when a child and young person is being bullied and build an understanding of the government guidelines for bullying.

behaviour that challenges in children

This qualification will provide a detailed understanding of behaviour that challenges in children, including how this can be assessed and the avoidance techniques that can help minimise the effects of behaviour that challenges. It will cover how different coexisting conditions, such as a learning disability, a mental health condition, sensory issues and autism can impact on behaviour that challenges and how to support those children who experience these complex behaviours. 

understanding nutrition & health

This qualification will increase employees understanding healthy eating principles and the role of food in maintaining good health. It is designed to increase confidence in planning and achieving a healthy diet and provide an understanding of how an individual’s dietary requirements change throughout their life. Food labelling, eating disorders, weight management and food safety will also be covered.

awareness of mental health problems

This qualification is suitable for anyone who works around people with mental health problems needs to understand each condition fully, or for anyone who has seen someone experience mental health problems would benefit from understanding the meaning, causes, effects, symptoms and management of the condition.


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to be eligible, you must be:

Aged 19+

Have lived in EU for 3+ years

Not already enrolled onto an Apprenticeship or other Govt. funded training


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