A four month more training programme delivered by Newcastle-based B-Skill has contributed to a rise in customer satisfaction at TT2 Ltd, the organisation in charge of both Tyne Tunnels.

B-Skill was appointed to work with TT2 Ltd in the lead up to the commissioning of the second vehicle tunnel, when a restructure took place and interac-tion with customers increased for much of the workforce.

Handling customer complaints has be-come significantly eas-ier for the forty-five TT2 employees that graduated from B-Skill’s customer care programme. Sixteen staff members achieved a qualification in team leadership from the training provider, resulting in improved customer relations.

Paul Myers, HR Manager for TT2 Ltd, said: “We are committed to staff training and devel-opment as this is critical to the safe and efficient running of both Tyne Tunnels.

“As such, the brief for our training provider was very clear. We needed two programmes tailored to our unique requirements and delivery was not to cause any disruption to opera-tions whatsoever. B-Skill by far surpassed our expectations on this”.

“B-Skill’s trainer Christine Hunton came in at the start of the process and had a full induc-tion with TT2. This meant she understood the business from an internal and external per-spective and was able to devise a bespoke programme that addressed every relevant re-quirement. She delivered the training in line with shift patterns and not only do we now have a more highly skilled and qualified workforce, our staff have been empowered by their new qualifications and feel much more motivated.”

Andrea Aylwin, national adult and commercial manager at B-Skill, commented: “We pride ourselves on having a team that is experienced and flexible in its approach and Christine’s excellent work shows how beneficial it can be to have an external provider analyse your business and plug any training gaps.

“The fact that TT2 Ltd has reported an increase in customer satisfaction is hugely pleasing and testament to the efforts of everyone involved. Our role is to help organisations develop a confident, capable workforce and it is always a pleasure to work with others with the same approach.”


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