Number of back to work courses doubled to meet demand

An employability course run by national training provider B-Skill in Liverpool is helping an average of two people a week – many of whom have been out of work long term – to find jobs.

The course, based at the Investment Centre in Bootle, is now being held weekly rather than fortnightly to meet demand from clients including the Job Centre and other agencies working with unemployed people across the city.

Participants are equipped with the skills to search for work, prepare for interviews and master the techniques that can help them convince employers they are the right person for the job. Newcastle-based B-Skill’s trainers also cover conduct, attitudes and rights and responsibilities in the workplace.


Lindsay Jolly, B-Skill’s centre manager, said: “We have around 15 people on each course. On average since August, two people a week have been finding employment.

“A lot of people say they are re-energised and re-motivated to apply for jobs. They are in a room with other like-minded people and there is an opportunity to see that they are not alone. Being unemployed means you are in a vacuum and this is an opportunity to network.

“The quality of training is illustrated by the fact that when you walk into the centre, there are thank you cards on the wall. People at the end of the course have gone from being down in the dumps and world weary, to motivated, employed and inspired enough to write a card – it’s wonderful to see.”

The employability training is useful for both those who have been out of the workplace for a short time and need help putting their job search back on track and those who are long-term unemployed.

After five years of unemployment, Lisa Griffiths was referred to B-Skill by the Job Centre. She now has two part time jobs, one in retail and the other in a local pub.

She said: “The course was a real eye opener, it allowed me the platform to gaining self-confidence, learning about my transferable skills and that I’m a valuable team member to any company.

“I was supported on the course by the team to complete application forms, focussing on how to ‘sell’ my skills to a future employer. The course was taught at a good pace and I feel that I have gained valuable knowledge which I can use as an active job seeker.

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