It’s important to understand the key elements of an Apprenticeship in order to play your part responsibly as an Employer. Apprenticeship Standards were designed by employers to enhance their productivity within a workforce. When utilised effectively, there is great reward in employing Apprentices and developing the skills of existing employees.

Guide to Programme Levels

Off-the-Job Training

Apprentices are required to spend 20% of their contracted hours doing off-the-job training. The requirement is essential to achieve the qualification, measured over the full duration of the Apprenticeship and efficiently recorded . The 20% training must be relevant to the Apprenticeship and can include job shadowing and mentoring, work-based projects and independent research. B-Skill work with Employers to create innovative solutions that address real operational business challenges and embed solutions within individual training programmes by creating projects and address KPIs.

End-Point Assessment (EPA)

If you’ve employed Apprentices for some time, you’ll know that they used to be assessed continuously throughout the programme. This changed in 2017 when End-Point Assessment’s were introduced as part of the Apprenticeship reform. So, how does it work?

The EPA is designed to test whether the Apprentice has gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the Apprenticeship Standard they are working towards. As an Employer, you will choose the EPA Organisation and put forward the Apprentice for the assessment when you think they’re ready. Don’t worry, B-Skill work closely with Employers throughout the full process to effectively monitor the progression of each Apprentice and make sure they are ready for their assessment. The Apprentice can only achieve their qualification once they have successfully passed the assessment.

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