Software Development Technician

Level: 3

Duration: 18 (Excluding EPA)

Apprenticeship Overview

A work based learning programme in first line management aimed at managers, supervisors, and team leaders that have responsibility for managing a team.

This programme is suitable for people wanting to improve their knowledge and skills to enable them to lead and a manage a team that delivers results in line with the company vision, values and corporate social responsibility.


  • Understands the business context, environment for software development and the structure of software applications
  • Understands all stages of the software development life-cycle
  • Understands the role of configuration management and version control systems and how to apply them
  • Understands how to test their code (e.g. unit testing)
  • Recognises that there are different methodologies that can be used for software development
  • Understands the particular context for the development platform (whether web, mobile, or desktop applications)
  • Understands how to implement code following a logical approach
  • Understands how their code integrates into the wider project
  • Understands how to follow a set of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Understands the end user context for the software development activity
  • Understands how to connect their code to specified data sources
  • Understands database normalisation
  • Understands why there is a need to follow good coding practices
  • Understands the principles of good interface design
  • Understands the importance of building in security to software at the development stages


  • Logical and creative thinking skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and to take responsibility
  • Can use own initiative
  • A thorough and organised approach
  • Ability to work with a range of internal and external people
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations
  • Maintains productive, professional and secure working environment

*The End Point Assessment duration for this Apprenticeship is 3 months