Improvement Technician

Level: 3

Duration: 14 (Excluding EPA)

Apprenticeship Overview

A work based learning programme designed for colleagues who are Supervisors, Team Leaders or Facilitators with responsibility for carrying out business improvement activities.

The purpose of this programme is to provide colleagues with the skills, knowledge and understanding to provide high value added products and services more cost effectively and with greater quality and support the business to identify and deliver continuous and sustainable quality, cost and delivery improvements for existing or new products, processes and/or services.


  • Legislative and customer compliance requirements including health and safety
  • Improvement team roles and responsibilities in a change environment
  • Different sources for knowledge development
  • Project charter, Gantt chart, reporting documentation, red amber green status, communication and implementation plans
  • Roles of the manager and leader within change
  • Exploratory data analysis, data collection planning, problem and goal statements


  • Work in accordance with organisational controls and statutory regulations
  • Share improvement progress through appropriate methods
  • Plan, manage and implement improvement activities by developing the business case for improvement activity and implementation
  • Understand, interpret and analyse data and use this to validate solutions
  • Apply techniques to identify customers, their requirements and translate these to metrics
  • Create control and reaction plans with detection measures, identify opportunities to embed changes to leverage benefit to the business


  • Clear commitment for identifying opportunities and delivering improvements, pays attention to detail
  • Helps when asked, works effectively in a diverse team, considers impact of own actions on others
  • Acts in a manner that is morally, socially and legally appropriate and embeds the values of the organisation
  • Acts upon feedback, reflects on performance and has a strong desire for learning

*The End Point Assessment duration for this Apprenticeship is 3 months