Chartered Manager Degree

Level: 6

Duration: 48 (Excluding EPA)

Apprenticeship Overview

This is a work based learning programme aimed at Senior Managers that manage teams of Departmental Managers, that deliver long term organisational success in line with the company vision, values and corporate social responsibility.

Key responsibilities may include taking responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success, with the expectation that they will deliver impact, behave ethically and demonstrate their commitment to continual learning and development.

This programme is suitable for Senior Managers wanting to improve their strategic management knowledge and skills and support career aspirations.

Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level 2 English and maths, prior to taking their end point assessment.


  • Understand how to develop and implement organisational strategy and plans including approaches to resource and supply chain management, workforce development, sustainability, taking and managing risks, monitoring and evaluation and quality assurance
  • Understand financial strategies including budgets, financial management and accounting, how to provide financial reports, approaches to procurement and contracting and legal requirements
  • Understand approaches to stakeholder, customer and supplier management, developing engagement, facilitating cross functional working and negotiation
  • Know how to undertake research, data analysis, problem solving and decision making techniques and understand the values, ethics and governance of your industry sector


  • Able to create strategic plans in line with organisational objectives
  • Demonstrate commercial awareness and ability to identify and shape new opportunities
  • Able to monitor budgets, provide reports and consider financial implications of decisions
  • Able to undertake critical analysis and evaluation to support decision making
  • Able to manage talent and performance, develop, build and motivate teams by utilising strengths and enabling professional development


  • Take responsibility by driving to achieve in all aspects of work and demonstrate resilience and accountability
  • Demonstrate a belief in the services that your company offers
  • Demonstrate professionalism by setting an example and being far, consistent and impartial
  • Being creative, innovative and enterprising, and flexible to the needs of the organisation
  • Open to new ways of working and new management theories

Progression Routes From This Apprenticeship

  • Level 7 MBA Senior Leader.

*The End Point Assessment duration for this Apprenticeship is 3 months