Business Administration

Level: 3

Duration: 15 months (Excluding EPA)

Apprenticeship Overview

A work based learning programme designed for colleagues who work independently or as part of a team and contribute to the efficient business operation through support of functional areas, working across teams and resolving issues as requested in line with the company vision, values and corporate social responsibility.

Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours. Key responsibilities might include supporting and engaging with different parts of the organisation, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services and interacting with internal or external customers.

Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level 2 English and maths, prior to taking their end point assessment.

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  • Understand organisational purpose, activities, aims, values, vision for the future, resources and the way that the political/economic environment affects the organisation
  • Knowledge of managing stakeholders and their differing relationships to an organisation. This includes liaising with internal/external customers, suppliers or stakeholders from inside or outside the UK and engaging and fostering relationships with suppliers and partner organisations
  • Understand laws and regulations that apply to their role (e.g. Data Protection, Health & Safety, Compliance, etc.) and the organisation’s internal policies and key business policies in relation to the sector


  • Skilled in the use of multiple IT Packages and systems relevant to the organisation in order to: write letters or emails, create proposals, perform financial processes, record and analyse data (including Microsoft Office or equivalent packages) and be able to choose the most appropriate IT solutions to suit the business problems
  • Able to update and review databases, record information and produce data analysis where required
  • Ability to produce accurate records and documents including: emails, letters, files, payments, reports and proposals
  • Demonstrate ability to make recommendations for improvements and present solutions to management


  • Personally commit to and take ownership for actions to resolve customer issues to the satisfaction of the customer and your organisation
  • Exercises pro-activity and creativity when identifying solutions to customer and organisational issues
  • Share knowledge and experience with others to support colleague development
  • Adopt a positive and enthusiastic attitude, being open-minded and able to tailor your service to each customer

*The End Point Assessment duration for this Apprenticeship is 3 months