CODE: ST0258

          LEVEL: 2

          DURATION: 12 months

A work based development programme developed for employees who are primarily responsible for managing the movement of goods.
Supply Chain Operators communicate and come into contact with a wide range of people and customers, and have a passion to meet customers’ expectations by providing a quality service that encourages repeat business, showing drive and energy even when challenges arise. Individuals in this role are highly competent in using industry-recognised systems and associated services within their industry sector.

  • How to communicate effectively with customers/colleagues (including those working remotely, third party carriers, agencies and other organisa-tions) appropriately in line with situation and organisational style/culture
  • Structure of the industry, the methods and modes of transport, the roles available within the sector in general and in relation to their own career aspirations
  • Importance of delivering excellent customer service to customers and col-leagues, including identifying customer/colleague needs and responding appropriately in line with situation and organisational style/culture
  • Establish a good rapport with customers/colleagues; promote the values of the organisation in all of their work; identify and respond to or report threats to their organisation’s reputation where relevant
  • Communicate effectively (using a variety of appropriate methods such as face to face, telephone, email, etc.) with customer and colleagues in line with organisational standards; identify and match customer needs through provision of excel-lent customer service; work closely with suppliers and customers to ensure any problems, damages or anomalies are corrected
  • Demonstrate safe moving and handling of different objects, both manually and using relevant equipment
  • Demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive in every aspect of their role
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their own safety and that of others at all times
  • Pay attention to the safe and effective use of equipment and machinery when carrying out activities

B-Skill directly delivers the whole standard through a delivery model that best suits the needs of the Employer. This can include 1:1 in the workplace, day release or a blended learning model that includes face-to-face sessions and distant learning via VLE.

Progression routes might include moving into a higher level Apprenticeship, such as Level 3 Supply Chain Practitioner.


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