Information, Advice & Guidance

The B-Skill information, advice, and guidance (IAG) service is embedded in our learning and employment related services. Our responsibility for IAG is to our staff, partners and sub-contractors involved in the planning, support, and delivery of services on our behalf as well as the learners and employers participating in B-Skill training programmes.

We provide information and sometimes advice to help learners with the following:

  • Starting a B-Skill programme
  • Referring individuals to other services
  • Support during our programmes
  • Help with moving on

B-Skill does not offer ‘guidance’ since this is a very specific activity involving a formal interview with a qualified guidance professional. For information about learning beyond B-Skill, try the Government’s National Careers Service or ring 0800 100 900.

The IAG we deliver in B-Skill adheres to the matrix national quality standard. The four elements of the Matrix standard provide the framework through which B-Skill measure the effectiveness and quality of service that we provide to both young people and adults.