Born in the Millennium year of 2000, B-Skill was conceived with a forward-looking vision and a firm belief that everyone, given the right learning opportunities and support in life, can realise their full potential. Whether you are looking to kick start your career with an Apprenticeship, learn new skills through Learner Loans or get back into work with an Employability programme, B-Skill have the experience to get you where you need to be. 

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That all people should be treated equally and with respect, and that through example and encouragement everyone can contribute positively to society and mankind, and

That organisations and employers who recognise and reward the skills, commitment, and unique contributions of their people will prosper, and in turn create more opportunities for all.

Our Mission is simple: Do everything we can to create those learning opportunities by providing the right training solutions and support to realise this vision. 

At B-Skill we are all passionate about engaging employers and using work-based learning programmes to develop teams, raise the aspirations and achievements of learners, and in so doing to improve the performance of their organisations and the wider economy.

We pride ourselves on embracing the changes of the constantly evolving world in which we live in. We constantly adapt our teaching methods and services to meet the demands of modern life and ensure we remain a pioneer among training providers. 

Paul Wileman, CEO B-Skill.



& Guidance



B-Skill provide a quality Information, Advice and Guidance service. We want to make sure all learners and employers can access our advice and support services to enhance their choice of learning, employment and personal goals.

High-quality, comprehensive and impartial IAG services can help to develop high aspiration, exploring opportunities and challenge negative stereotyping. Our responsibility for IAG is therefore to our staff, partners and sub-contractors who are involved in the planning, supporting and delivery of services on our behalf as well as the learners and employers participating in B-Skill training programmes.

B-Skill holds the internationally recognised Matrix standard accreditation for IAG which demonstrates that the organisation has met a set of externally defined quality standards within their service delivery. These standards provide the framework through which B-Skill will measure the effectiveness and quality of service that we provide to both young people and adults. Information, Advice and Guidance contribute directly to the achievement of the 5 Every Learner Matters (ELM) outcomes which form an integral part of the Common Inspection Framework. B-Skill will take positive action to ensure all learners will…


By helping learners to review and assess their decision making and goal setting in relation to health issues.


By giving young people and adults’ opportunities to reflect on risk and behaviour.


By helping learners to set priorities for work and leisure and to develop a work life balance.


By helping learners to be active citizens, who are actively involved in their communities.


By challenging aspirations and helping learners to progress into further learning, training or employment and to realise their potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility / Company Policy

B-Skill is committed to making a positive contribution to society, the environment and the economy. 

We embrace our values to provide a constructive working environment with an ethical framework in place for the behaviour and conduct of all our people. 

Integrity is important to us and it is fundamental to our business that we show respect and value everyone at the heart of our company. We welcome all our learners, stakeholders and colleagues from their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas and encourage them to grow as a part of our team.

We care about what happens outside of the B-Skill Community. Whether it is helping the environment or local charities, we accept our responsibility as a business to contribute to the world around us.  Our CSR approach has four key elements:


Our chosen Charity, The Ear Trust was established in 1990 to help the diagnosis and management of deaf babies, children and adults. B-Skill made a special connection with The Ear Trust after first learning about all the hard-work the charity does and ever since have been a proud supporter of all the great work the charity does.

Ethical Labour Practices 

At B-Skill, we value the unique skills, experience and perspectives of all our team. We believe the key to success is finding ways to bring out the best in our employees and learners. B-Skill are committed to provide frequent training to all our staff and learners and encourage them to seek out development opportunities. 


In an industry where recording and record retention is so important, B-Skill decided to do their part for the environment and go completely paper-less. We developed an online portal for our staff, learners and stakeholders to utilise and avoid any physical exchange of documents. All our staff embrace recycling at work, whether it is their rough notes or empty lunch packaging and we are always looking at ways to keep reducing our carbon footprint. 


We are proud to have achieved gold status for our work on Equality and Diversity. B-Skill respects each person as their own unique individual and do not believe that anyone should be treated as a token representative of the beliefs or values of a particular group.

In our latest audit by the National Equality Standard, Committed2Equality (C2E), we obtained 91.9% in an assessment on how we promote equality and diversity amongst our own staff, with our customers and stakeholders. This is based on the demands of the 2010 Equality Act and includes the equal treatment for all regardless of age, disability, race, religion and sexual orientation.

A high score in a C2E audit demonstrates that an organisation has taken steps to ensure equality within the workplace and is committed to diversity at every level. We are proud to be acknowledged for our efforts and are passionate about sustaining and improving our existing policies. 


The B-Skill Values Statement sets out the principles used to guide B-Skill in the conduct of its business and provides a framework for behaviour and conduct of all our People.

Integrity and Respect

Show respect for and value all individuals including learners, colleagues and stakeholders for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas.  People will be placed at the heart of how B-Skill conducts its business at all times.


We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.


Clarity and Transparency will be a core guiding principle of all communications at B-Skill.


Trust will be a major guiding principle in the conduct of B-Skill Business and all the behaviour of all our People is expected to nurture and uphold a culture based on trust.


All our People are expected to use initiative, take decisions and use their best endeavours in the execution of their duties, and to take responsibility for those decisions and actions.


All our People are expected to work to high professional standards and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Understanding and Opportunity

The promotion of understanding and through understanding the creation of genuine opportunities for people, are key aims of B-Skill.

Where we are unable to meet individual needs of a learner or employer, we will make sure one of our partner organisations can.

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