Traineeships are designed to give you the experience needed to secure an Apprenticeship.


Traineeships are designed to give you the experience needed to secure an Apprenticeship. They are an education and training programme with work experience that focus on giving young people the skills employers are looking for. Traineeships are divided into two separate age groups:

Relevant Skills

Traineeships will make sure you have the relevant skills needed to progress onto your chosen Apprenticeship or sustainable job role.  If you have been struggling to gain a job, or an Apprenticeship, then a Traineeship might be for you. If you are aged between 16 and 24, motivated to work, unemployed (or working fewer than 16 hours per week) and do not have a full Level 3 qualification, then a Traineeship is a good option to get you on a career path.

Traineeships can last up to six months and are made up of three components:

  1. Work-Preparation Training
  2. English and Maths Support (if required)
  3. High-Quality Work Experience Placement with an Employer (minimum 100 hours throughout the Traineeship)

In addition, you may be able to gain a vocational qualification in the sector you wish to work in.

Employers are not required to pay you for taking part in a traineeship but may support you with expenses such as transport and meals. The work placement is a real opportunity to gain meaningful work experience.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be able to access financial support from your training provider, for example travel and childcare costs or if you need extra support due to a disability. If you are receiving welfare benefits, your Jobcentre may be able to financially support you.

Training Costs

Training costs will be met by government funding.

At the end of your traineeship, you will be guaranteed a job interview if an appropriate position becomes available in the company where you did your work-placement.  By this time, you should feel more prepared and possess the relevant skills the employer will be looking for.

If there is no available position at the company, an exit interview will be arranged to provide you with constructive written feedback to help secure your next Apprenticeship alternative employment.

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